National Food Sharing

We encourage our members to build strong independent partnerships with individual donors, corporations and businesses in their own local communities.   These may be grocery, financial, public service or other groups that can assist them as they grow an effective food bank for the clients that need their services.

On behalf of their members Food Banks BC also participates in the following:

The National Food Sharing System (NFSS)

As a member of Food Banks Canada, Food Banks BC and its members participate in the National Food Sharing System.

How it works:

Through our National Food Sharing System, Food Banks Canada acquires and shares large industry donations of food and consumer products and coordinate national-level and large-scale food drives for our food bank network, from corporations such as Kraft Canada, Kelloggs, Canada Dry Motts, General Mills, P&G, and many more.

Food Banks Canada then distributes the food to provincial associations according to the hunger count that is done on a yearly basis.  Food Banks BC then distributes this food to member food banks throughout their province according to the hunger count.

Food Banks BC operates the distribution to our members from 4 geographic Hubs which in turn distribute the food to members in their jurisdiction.

Last year we distributed close 1.8 millions pounds of food valued at $4.5 million dollars, to our members throughout the province through the NFSS.

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