Global Okanagan’s Good News Bears

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Click here to donate now to Food Banks BCEvery year at Global Okanagan we promote the Good News Bears campaign to raise awareness of the food banks needs in the Okanagan Valley.  Annually local businesses, charitable organizations and others sponsor a one of a kind collectable bear.  These bears are then donated to Global Okanagan for viewers to potentially receive a bear by simply completing an entry form.

All entries are included in a random draw.  The number of recipients is based on how many bears are created yearly and there could be as many as 80 unique bears, each designed specifically for the bear sponsor!

*  When you make a donation towards the Good News Bears Campaign, 100% of your donation goes directly to the local community food bank of your choice!  

This campaign originated in 1989 with just one bear and since then we have collected donations of over $3.5 million dollars for local food banks!  In 2011 we partnered with Valley First to facilitate various donation options to Feed the Valley.  Feed the Valley is Valley First’s own initiative in support of local food banks.


*no donation or purchase is necessary to be entered into the free draw*

*Click here to enter the draw

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