Who can use a food bank?

Most of our members register their clients so that they can keep records of who is using their services and ensure that food is distributed equitably.  Each member is a separate charitable organization that will have unique requirements based on their own community.   Find out more about the food bank in your community.

Aren’t food banks just a crutch?

Most food banks in our province are able to supply about 3 or 4 days’ worth of food every 2 weeks for their clients.  This amount of food makes all the difference in feeding their family when the rest of their meagre budget has been used up by things like transportation, clothing and extra school costs for their children. Without this boost, many people in our communities would be hungry.

Is Food Banks BC a food bank?

No, we represent and support the 100 food banks across our province. Did you know that close to half of these members cannot afford any paid staff; they are run completely by volunteers?   Some do not even have a computer system to keep track of clients or donations.    When you support Food Banks BC it means that we can stand in the gap for these food banks, making sure that they can be effective in their own communities helping everyone who turns to them when there is nowhere else to go.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes, volunteering is an essential part of how food banks run. Check to see if there is a food bank that might need your help or if you are interested in helping Food Banks BC, please call 604 498-1798 or email for an application form.

What is Food Banks BC Sharing?

Local food banks place our BC Share coupons at check-out stands. Then every shopper has the opportunity to scan one of these to add $2.00 to their purchase.   The grocery store then keeps this money for the local food bank and they are able to use this fund to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products for their clients.  Last year we raised close to $1 million dollars through BC Share coupons and food banks were better able to provide healthy, fresh food to their clients.

What do I do if my question isn’t listed here?

Ask us! You can reach us at 604.498-1798 or via email.

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