Our Impact on Hunger

Every month food banks in BC help more than 80,000 individuals and 1 in every 3 of these is a child. Many people don’t realize that it could be their neighbour or co-worker who needs help from a food bank in BC. Why?  …because there is no typical person that turns to a food bank for help.

It may be a family where both parents are working, but just don’t have enough left over from each pay cheque to fully feed their family.  It may be a senior whose fixed income just doesn’t stretch far enough.  It may be someone who is experiencing a sudden illness,  a job loss, has a chronic health problem or is perhaps providing care to a family members.   It may be a single parent who is struggling.

In BC,  we are changing how people see food banks.    Thanks to a generous grant from the Government of BC,   our food banks across the province have been able to greatly increase their refrigeration and freezer capacity.

Please see here our Impact Report which details how access to fresh,  healthy perishable foods have been increased.

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