Food Banks BC – supporting food banks across BC

Our BC community food banks help 100,086 people in our province every month… one third of these are children.

Last year through the national food sharing system, we distributed more than 1.8 million pounds of food worth close 4.5 million dollars to our food banks! Additionally through our BC Share program each year, our community food banks receive more than 1 million dollars of fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products! When you donate to Food Banks BC you help us to help them… With your support, we can grow and strengthen our province’s 98 food banks so that chronic hunger in our local communities is alleviated and long term solutions to hunger are found.


Hunger Count 2015 Release


Read the latest hunger statistics in the newly released Hunger Count 2015.

In BC 1 in 3 food bank users is a child and the latest information brings food bank usage in BC to its highest level ever – 100,086 individuals are relying on a food bank each month in our province.

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