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  • Food Insecurity in BC | Food Banks BC

    Food Insecurity in BC Food banks started operating in 1981 as a temporary measure to provide relief to a small number of people experiencing financial hardship. Over 40 years on, the need for food banks in BC has never been greater than it is today. With 382,000 British Columbians living in poverty according to the Market Basket Measure, B.C. currently has the second highest poverty rate (tied with two other provinces) in the country. This number includes 43,000 children in low-income families and 36,000 seniors. The COVID-19 pandemic and the affordability crisis have had a devastating impact on the household budgets of hundreds of thousands of British Columbians. This has resulted in people turning to food banks and other hunger relief supports in record numbers. Combined with the impact of climate change in creating emergency food access and significant challenges for BC’s farmers and producers, it is clear to see how creating dignified access to food, reducing food insecurity, and strengthening our food systems have to be prioritized. Food Banks BC is committed to this work . The Hunger Count ​ Since 1997, Food Banks Canada has conducted the HungerCount, a cross-sectional, census-type survey of most food bank agencies, organizations and programs within and outside of the Food Banks Canada network. ​ The HungerCount provides a national snapshot of what’s happening on the frontlines of the country’s food banks; how many people are using the services, who’s accessing food banks, and why. This information is critical in helping us understand the trends of food bank usage and the policy recommendations that will move us towards tackling hunger and reducing food insecurity in BC. ​ Read the 2023 HungerCount report here .

  • The Full Cupboard - Fraser Valley | Food Banks BC

    The Full Cupboard - Fraser Valley Join us in raising food, funds and awareness about the critical issue of hunger throughout the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and Kitimat regions. The Full Cupboard is a community-based signature cause program established by Envision Financial in 2013. Together, with our valued members, community partners and passionate staff, The Full Cupboard has raised $1,423,025 and 88,592 pounds of food for our food bank partners in the eleven communities where Envision Financial operates. Donate now or visit The Full Cupboard website for more details on how you can get involved. All food and funds raised stay in the community where they were donated. Let’s work together to ensure all children and families in our communities have a full cupboard!

  • The Full Cupboard - Vancouver Island | Food Banks BC

    The Full Cupboard Vancouver Island Join us in raising food, funds and awareness about the critical issue of hunger across Vancouver Island, Pender Island and Salt Spring Island. The Full Cupboard is a community-based signature cause program established by Island Savings in 2016. Together, with our valued members, community partners and passionate staff, The Full Cupboard has raised $658,643 and 14,014 pounds of food for our food bank partners in the eleven communities where Island Savings operates. ​ Donate now or visit The Full Cupboard website for more details on how you can get involved. All food and funds raised stay in the community where they were donated. Let’s work together to ensure all children and families in our communities have a full cupboard!

  • FAQ | Food Banks BC

    FAQ WHO CAN USE A FOOD BANK? Most of our members register their clients so that they can keep records of who is using their services and ensure that food is distributed equitably. Each member is a separate charitable organization that will have unique requirements based on their own community. Find out more about the food bank in your community. ​ AREN’T FOOD BANKS JUST A CRUTCH? Most food banks in our province are able to supply about 3 or 4 days’ worth of food every 2 weeks for their clients. This amount of food makes all the difference in feeding their family when the rest of their meagre budget has been used up by things like transportation, clothing and extra school costs for their children. Without this boost, many people in our communities would be hungry. ​ IS FOOD BANKS BC A FOOD BANK? No, we represent and support the 100 food banks across our province. Did you know that close to half of these members cannot afford any paid staff; they are run completely by volunteers? Some do not even have a computer system to keep track of clients or donations. When you support Food Banks BC it means that we can stand in the gap for these food banks, making sure that they can be effective in their own communities helping everyone who turns to them when there is nowhere else to go. ​ DO FOOD BANKS NEED VOLUNTEERS? Yes, volunteering is an essential part of how food banks run. Check to see if there is a food bank that might need your help or if you are interested in helping Food Banks BC, please call 604-498-1798 or email (this links to email) ​ WHAT ARE FOOD BANKS BC SHARING COUPONS? Local food banks place our BC Share coupons at check-out stands. Then every shopper has the opportunity to scan one of these to add $2.00 to their purchase. The grocery store then keeps this money for the local food bank and they are able to use this fund to purchase the necessities for their clients. Last year we raised close to $1 million dollars through BC Share coupons and food banks were better able to provide healthy, fresh food to their clients. ​ WHAT DO I DO IF MY QUESTION ISN’T LISTED HERE? Ask us! You can reach us at 604-498-1798 or via email.

  • Become a Member | Food Banks BC

    Become a Member Food Banks BC comprises of 107 member hunger relief agencies. Our members can be found in all corners of the province and in communities from Valemount to Vancouver or Sparwood to Surrey. As we see an increasing need for the services of food banks, Food Bank BC serves to support those who are undertaking this important work. Click below to learn more about membership. Learn More

  • Privacy Policy | Food Banks BC

    Privacy Policy Food Banks BC is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information you provide to us. Any personal information that Food Banks BC retains is kept in such a manner as to ensure its security and confidentiality at all times. We are dedicated to protecting the personal information of our members, donors, staff and volunteers. We are committed to meeting or exceeding the privacy standards established by federal and provincial legislation. Our information handling practices comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada). Definition of Personal Information Personal information is any information that is identifiable to you as an individual. This may include, but is not limited to, your name, gender, age, date of birth, language of correspondence, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and membership in an organization. Personal information does not include publicly available information about you in your capacity as an employee of an organization such as your name, job title, work mailing address, work email address, work fax number, or work telephone number. Collection of Information Food Banks BC only collects personal information from: Donors Members Volunteers Employees Others who have shown an interest in BC Food Banks This information is collected by a variety of methods: phone, fax, mail, email, online, or in-person. Disclosure of Information Food Banks BC treats its obligations with respect to the use and disclosure of personal information very seriously. In the event that you should choose to send Food Banks BC your e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses and/or any personal information so that we may communicate with you, Food Banks BC will not sell, trade or rent this information to third parties. Generally, we will only use or disclose personal information for the primary purpose that it was collected or for a purpose related to the primary purpose that you would reasonably expect it to be used. Food Banks BC may transfer information to service providers where information processing is outsourced by Food Banks BC in the course of its administrative distribution procedures. Where personal information is transferred to a service provider for processing, we require the service provider to respect this Privacy Policy and we restrict them from using or disclosing personal information transferred to them for any purpose other than the provision of services to us. In the event that you wish to opt-out of any future services or information, you may contact us and we will ensure that your information is deleted from our data-base. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or receive from us electronically. This is especially true for information you transmit to us via e-mail. We have no way of protecting that information until it reaches us. Once we receive your transmission, we make our best efforts to ensure its security on our servers. Storage of Information Personal information is stored in our database(s) on a secure server and in hard copy files. Only authorized personnel have access to th is information. BC Food Banks uses personal information to better serve our stakeholders and to expand our community of support. Online Privacy Food Banks BC is comm itted to protecting the privacy of those who use our website. We do not request site visitors to provide any personal information in order to contact us or to be added to any newsletters. We do not collect any personal information about individuals browsing our website. Food Banks BC does not track visitors through the use of cookies and any general statistics gathered from our site traffic are used only for our own purposes. However, Food Banks BC does collect statistical information through a log file which indicates number, length, and frequency of page visits, external links redirecting users to our website, and which browser, operating system, and type of device (mobile or desktop) was used to access our website. This information is analyzed to help us develop content that responds to the interests of our website visitors. Food Banks BC’s website uses Wix analytics to track usage of our website for reporting and evaluation purposes. For further information on Wix’s privacy policy, please see Donors Food Banks BC will only request specific information from you in order to complete a donation transaction. Your information is added to our donor database, but this information will not be sold, traded or otherwise distributed to any other organization or companies. Any credit card information is taken in a secure environment. Food Banks BC utilizes CanadaHelps. The information you enter is handled directly by CanadaHelps. For further information on CanadaHelps’ privacy policy please see . Links to Other Websites Food Banks BC’s web site may contain links to other Web sites that are independently owned and operated by third parties. These links are provided to you as a convenience only. These other Web sites may have their own privacy policies and are not governed by this privacy policy. Food Banks BC is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any W eb site(s) owned and operated by any such third parties. Other web sites may collect and treat information collected differently, so we encourage you to carefully read and review the privacy policy for each web site you visit. Contact Info Questions, concerns or complaints relating to Food Banks BC’s privacy policy on the treatment of personal information shou ld be e-mailed to Dan Huang-Taylor at or 302-12761 16th Avenue, Surrey BC, V4A 1N2. Food Banks BC does its best to ensure that all information is recorded accurately—if you notice any errors in our correspondence with you or if your personal information changes, please contact us at 604-498-1798 or to update your file. If you do not wish to be contacted by phone, mail, or email, please contact us and we will ensure that your request is honoured. Further information on privacy and your rights in regard to your personal information may be found on the website of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Food Banks BC Charitable Registration Number: 86133-1130-RR0001

  • Perishable Food Guides

    Perishable Food Recovery Perishable Food Recovery Guide Download

  • Donate to Food Banks BC | Food Banks BC

    DONATE TO FOOD BANKS BC BC's food banks are facing greater need now than ever before. COVID-19, the climate emergency and the cost-of-living crisis have contributed to an unprecedented demand for food support. Your donation helps us to help our food banks . Your generosity ensures that member food banks have access to the resources that will help them feed their communities. ​ We are very grateful for your generous support. Donate Securities Fundraise Now Your Help Is Urgently Needed DONATE BY PHONE Call us at 604-498-1798 and we can process your donation over the phone DONATE BY MAIL Mail your cheque to: Food Banks BC, Suite 302 – 12761 16th Avenue, Surrey, BC V4A 1N2 DONATE BY EFT Please email us at for banking details DONATE BY E-INTERAC Please send to and ensure you email us your information for a tax receipt When donating online, tax receipts are emailed automatically by CanadaHelps , our online donation processing partner. For phone, mail, e-transfer and EFT donations, tax receipts are issued within 2-4 weeks. ​

  • Who We Are and What We Do | Food Banks BC

    Food Banks BC is the provincial association of food banks. Our membership is comprised of 107 hunger relief agencies throughout British Columbia. We support our members and other agencies through the provision of resources that assist their efforts to tackle hunger in communities they represent. This is achieved through the distribution of food and financial donations, providing access to training and capacity building prog rams, networking opportunities, and as a representative voice to speak to the needs of food banks as well as the hundreds of thousands of British Columbians who face ongoing food insecurity. The role of Food Banks BC has significantly expanded in recent years. We are working with an increasing number of donors, government agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders, and through this expanding network, we are broadening the scale and scope of our work, and reaching more people than ever before. Beyond our membership, we work with numerous agencies that specialize in providing food access support to equity-deserving groups, including racialized populations, refugees, Indigenous communities, seniors, and migrant workers. The work of hunger relief is critical and it’s the immediate priority we all share. Looking forward, we need to shift from hunger relief to systems change. Upstream solutions that seek to reduce and, eventually, eliminate the need for charitable food. Food Banks BC is committed to supporting the need to for urgent hunger relief services now, while taking the necessary actions to eliminate the need for these services altogether and working towards a hunger-free British Columbia. ​ ​ Food Banks BC is a member of Food Banks Canada . Who we are and what we do Vision + Mission Our Vision A hunger-free British Columbia ​ Our Mission To relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow for all British Columbians ​ Click here to view our Strategic Plan. Our Values Integrity We are honourable, inclusive, respectful, and trustworthy ​ Dignity We see and respect the inherent value and worth of every British Columbian ​ Accountability We are accountable to our members and transparent in our dealings with all stakeholders ​ Collaboration We share and work with our stakeholders and each other collaboratively towards common goals ​ Equity We advocate for and believe in equitable access to food for all British Columbians ​ Responsiveness We adapt and respond appropriately to changing conditions with timeliness, flexibility, and innovation

  • Programs and Resources | Food Banks BC

    Food Bank Resources Welcome to our library of resources dedicated to promoting hunger relief in a safe, dignified manner while ensuring the utmost safety for your organization. In a world where food insecurity remains a pressing concern, it is essential to equip individuals, communities, and organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to address this issue effectively. This collection of resources serves as a valuable guide, offering insights, strategies, and best practices that empower you to make a meaningful impact on hunger relief efforts, all while prioritizing the safety and dignity of those you aim to assist. Whether you are an individual volunteer, a community organization, or a larger nonprofit entity, we hope these resources will help serve as a trusted source of information in tackling hunger in your community. Food and Workplace Safety Learn more Food Bank Operations Learn more Perishable Food Recovery Learn more Emergency Preparedness Learn more Accessibility and Equity Guide Learn more

  • Complaints Policy | Food Banks BC

    Complaints Policy ​ Policy Statement This policy, guiding principles and procedures apply to complaints received by Food Banks BC about all aspects of our operations, including activities, service, staff and volunteers. It also applies to complaints received by Food Banks BC about the activities, service, staff and volunteers of our member Food Banks throughout the province. While Food Banks BC is not a regulatory or supervisory body, it is an expectation of Food Banks BC that the staff and volunteers of both Food Banks BC and Member Food Banks abide by the Food Banks BC Code of Conduct and Commitment to Ethics and will apply those standards in the resolution of complaints. Guiding Princip les All complaints will be dealt with promptly and resolved as quickly as possible. Review of complaints will be fair, impartial and respectful of all parties involved. Complaints will be directed to the person or service provider most able to directly and expeditiously address the conce rn. Complainants will be provided the basis for decisions and outcomes relating to their complaint. Complaints will be used to assist in improving service, policies and procedures. Complaints A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or concern about the service, action or lack of action by Food Banks BC or a Member Food Bank. Examples may include (but are not limited to); Perceived failure to deliver agreed-upon services, Failure to uphold policies and procedures, Error made by staff member or volunteer, Unfair or discourteous conduct by a staff member or volunteer. Complaints will be received from those individuals who are personally and directly affected by the action and complainants will be expected to identify themselves when bringing forward their complaint. Complaint Receipt A complaint may be received verbally (by phone or in person) or in writing (by mail or email). Any representative of Food Banks BC who receives a complaint should direct the complaint to the Executive Director who will determine the most appropriate person (which may be a Food Banks BC staff or board member, or someone external to the orga nization) to handle the complaint and redirect it to that person, letting both the recipient and the complainant know about this action undertaken. The person to whom the complaint has been directed for resolution is most fre quently the one with the specific knowledge and capacity to address the issue. It is the responsibility of the person in the food banking organization who is receiving the complaints for action to either resolve it or undertake to find a resolution from a source most able to address it. Resolution Complaints received should be acknowledged within 2 business days and if possible, staff should undertake to begin resolution within that same timeframe. Every effort should be made to resolve complaints in a timely fashion. For complaints regarding a member organization, Food Banks BC will request that the member organization provides details to Food Banks BC about how and when the complaint will be resolved. Documentation Food Banks BC will keep and maintain a complaint tracking system. At Food Banks BC basic information must be recorded immediately as the complaint is received in order to help with accuracy, accountability and understandin g of the complaint. Information recorded will include; The name of the complainant and their contact information, A brief description of complaint and source of concern, The name of the receiver of the complaint, any referrals for resolution, Outcome if determined, and Time frame. An annual summary of complaints will be presented to the Board of Directors of Food Banks BC, which will include the number, type, and disposition of the complaints received over the previous 12 months, in sufficient detail for board members to understand the overall nature and impact of complaints received.

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