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How can you share fresh, healthy food with a family or individual in need?

Simply by having their cashier scan the Food Banks BC Sharing Coupon displayed at the checkout stand!   That $2 donation goes a long way to help the 100,086 children, seniors and families each month that cannot afford the nutrition so vital to their health.  In fact thanks to your $2 donation at the grocery check-out, food banks in BC receive close to $1 million dollars’ worth of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and much needed protein every year.

What is the Food Banks BC Sharing Coupon program?

The Food Banks BC Sharing Coupon program is owned and managed by Food Banks BC and is a partnership with our province’s leading grocery retailers!   It was originally begun 17 years ago as a joint project with the Ministry of Agriculture, but is now solely licensed to Food Banks BC and is one of the benefits we provide to our food bank members.

Why is this program so important? 

Most donations to food banks are ‘non-perishable’ such as canned or dried foods.  While important staples, they just can’t provide the full nutritional balance needed – particularly for babies and children in their developing years, or seniors with special dietary needs.  When you consider that 31.5% of food bank users in BC are children, it’s easy to see how urgent the need for nutritious food is.  That $2 donation through your grocery store ensures a variety of fresh healthy foods critical to every person’s nutritional needs are available to the local community food bank.

How does the program work?

Simply put, without the help of our retail grocery stores all over BC,  the program just wouldn’t exist!    When shoppers are making their purchase, they may ‘purchase’ and scan one or more coupons from the display available by the checkout.  The coupon is scanned like a food purchase and the amount is added to the shopper’s purchase total.  Each participating retailer will reimburse purchased coupons via a grocery store gift certificate or credit program to the local food bank who is a member of the Food Banks BC.

Who are the participating retailers?

Besides numerous independent grocery stores that assist our food banks in communities all over the province,  we are very grateful for the participation of the following stores that have committed to a partnership with us so that people all over the province can receive the help they need through their food bank and the Food Banks BC Sharing Coupon program…



Extra Foods CMYK


Plus many other independent community grocery stores!

Relaunched in 2013!

Donors have faithfully supported the program for 17 years and we hope that by refreshing and revitalizing the look of the backers and coupons, even more shoppers will take notice of them.  A program revamp has been needed for a while, but we simply haven’t had the funding.

In 2013, we were thankful that First West Credit Union stepped in with a donation of marketing and design help to get us started!  From there, resources were pulled together to re-launch the program just in time for the start of school.

The most important thing to remember is that just by adding $2 added to your bill, you are providing the fresh, healthy and nutritious food for our food banks to share with those that need their help.

The re-launch was made possible with help from our friends at:


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