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Food Banks BC is the provincial association of food banks. Our membership is comprised of 107 hunger relief agencies throughout British Columbia.


We support our members and other agencies through the provision of resources that assist their efforts to tackle hunger in communities they represent. This is achieved through the distribution of food and financial donations, providing access to training and capacity building programs, networking opportunities, and as a representative voice to speak to the needs of food banks as well as the hundreds of thousands of British Columbians who face ongoing food insecurity.


The role of Food Banks BC has significantly expanded in recent years. We are working with an increasing number of donors, government agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders, and through this expanding network, we are broadening the scale and scope of our work, and reaching more people than ever before. Beyond our membership, we work with numerous agencies that specialize in providing food access support to equity-deserving groups, including racialized populations, refugees, Indigenous communities, seniors, and migrant workers. 


The work of hunger relief is critical and it’s the immediate priority we all share. 


Looking forward, we need to shift from hunger relief to systems change. Upstream solutions that seek to reduce and, eventually, eliminate the need for charitable food. Food Banks BC is committed to supporting the need to for urgent hunger relief services now, while taking the necessary actions to eliminate the need for these services altogether and working towards a hunger-free British Columbia.

Food Banks BC is a member of Food Banks Canada.

Who we are and what we do

Vision + Mission

Our Vision

A hunger-free British Columbia

Our Mission

To relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow for all British Columbians 

Click here to view our Strategic Plan.

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Our Values

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We are honourable, inclusive, respectful, and trustworthy


We see and respect the inherent value and worth of every British Columbian


We are accountable to our members and transparent in our dealings with all stakeholders


We share and work with our stakeholders and each other collaboratively towards common goals


We advocate for and believe in equitable access to food for all British Columbians


We adapt and respond appropriately to changing conditions with timeliness, flexibility, and innovation

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