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Membership Benefits include: 

  • Provincial and National voice on hunger issues in BC 

  • Networking  

  • Funding (Provincial and National) 

  • Skill Building and Training 

  • Discount Buying Programs 

  • Participation in both the National and Provincial Conference & AGM  

  • National Food Sharing System (NFSS) 

  • Product received from major manufacturers by Food Banks Canada 

  • Distributed to members from four (4) hubs strategically located throughout BC 

  • Transportation assistance may be provided to rural food banks (communities with a population of less than 10,000) 

  • Affiliate membership to Food Banks Canada 

In order to be eligible for membership, your food bank must meet the following requirements:

  • Focus its main activity on the collection and distribution of food to assist those that require help in their community. 

  • Be the only food bank that serves their community, city or region (please check our Find A Food Bank map for current members). 

  • Have a current Canadian Charitable Registration Number in good standing with the CRA. 

  • Pay an annual fee to Food Banks BC that is based on the number of clients served. 

  • Participate and cooperate annually with data capture for Food Banks Canada’s Hunger Count survey and other required data collection. 

  • Cooperate with all regional, provincial or national fund or food raising campaigns as required. 

  • Agree to and follow Food Bank Code of Ethics. 

  • Agree to and follow Food Banks BC’s Members’ Standard of Care.  

  • Agree to and follow any other Food Banks BC Membership Criteria which the network may require from time to time. 

  • Have been in operation for a minimum of one year. 

  • Be a community steward of food donations to share with other member food banks and local food agencies where surplus exists. 

Image by Artur Rutkowski

If you are interested in applying for membership and meet the criteria, please contact or call 604-498-1798. 

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