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Emergency Food Support

Food banks play a crucial role during times of emergency and natural disaster. This happens through the provision of food, water and other urgently needed supplies to evacuees, people impacted within the community, aid services and non-profits, and frontline emergency service personnel. 

In 2021, the fire that devastated the town of Lytton resulted in hundreds of people from surrounding communities losing access to a local food source, resulting in a food security emergency across the entire region. Partnering with the Salvation Army, Associated Grocers, and Gordon Food Services, Food Banks BC was able to coordinate and deliver food and other supplies into the community on an ongoing basis. This work continues to this day.

In that same year, the extensive flooding that destroyed critical infrastructure and vital connections in BC’s roadways left communities like Hope, Boston Bar and Nicomen stranded. Partnering with Helicopters Without Borders, Food Banks BC was able to fly food into isolated communities to ensure basic needs were met.

As the frequency and intensity of weather events such as fires, floods and droughts continues, the work of Food Banks BC and our members will becomes even more critical.

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