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Perishable Food Refrigeration

The unnecessary loss of consumable food is a critical issue. Over $6 Billion of food is wasted in BC every year, sent to landfills when it could be redirected to feed hungry families.  

Seeing the urgent need to reduce this unbearable waste and get more fresh and healthy food onto the tables of British Columbians, Food Banks BC launched the Perishable Food Recovery Program. With the generous support of the Provincial Government, $12.5 million has been provided to food banks in BC to purchase equipment that has significantly expanded the capacity of these agencies to store, transport and distribute perishable food, while allowing our members to create effective local food recovery programs. 

This in turn means that the tens of thousands of people who access food banks in BC every month have a broader access to healthy, nutritious food items. 

The secondary impact of this program is the diversion of waste from landfills and the reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions from food waste. Food waste produces 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide and 56.5 million tons of methane every year; devastatingly harmful emissions that contribute to the climate change emergency we are in. Every pound of food that is diverted away from a landfill is not only helping feed someone facing hunger, but contributing in the fight against climate change.

Impact Report 2020
Download PDF • 8.34MB

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