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The Resilient North

This project, delivered in partnership with the Public Health Association of BC, sets out to understand the opportunities and barriers regarding food access in northern BC by:

1. Create a comprehensive understanding of where and what communities’ needs are in terms of food access; (e.g., infrastructure, funding models, capacity, and network building) by using secondary data, including regional grant applications, the food access survey data set, literature reviews and other academic documents as well as grey literature, tools, and social media content.

2. Engage communities to further guide the project through community conversations which include focus groups, interviews, and broad stakeholder engagement.

3. Co-develop food access model(s) that address root causes of inequality experienced by northern communities (e.g. granting models that unintentionally perpetuate harm for communities, systemic barriers to food access funding/infrastructure for rural/remote and under-resourced communities, and soling that discourages broader network building).

The Project research phase has been completed. Using what we heard and learned we will be investing in programs and community initiatives that will support the project’s objectives of developing sustainable and dignified food access systems across northern BC, and establishing community-driven operations that reduce barriers to food access in rural, remote and indigenous communities.

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